Fish Net Madagascar aims to secure the future of the endemic freshwater fish species of the Amboaboa River basin via sustainable measures established collaboratively with local communities, national associations, Non-Government Organisations, zoological institutions, and local and international universities.

Fish Net Madagascar project focuses on Ecoregion 580 (Northwest Madagascar) which is a hotspot for endemism, particularly for fish in the Cichlidae family. The region contains the highest number of endemic fish species (26) in the country.

The project is focused on the Amboaboa River basin, a designated Key Biodiversity Area and the last known watershed where the critically endangered species Ptychochromis insolitus and Paretroplus gymnopreopercularis can be found, making the catchment a critical habitat and priority for conservation efforts.

The extent and quality of these species’ habitats are declining due to deforestation, dam construction, drought, introduced exotic species and fishing pressures. The deterioration of these habitats is a threat for endemic freshwater fish species, as well as for the wellbeing, food security and livelihood of the local communities. 

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